Wicker Services

Mike inside log barn KY-3 T.V. interview. Van loaded with wicker from K.C. for repair.

Minor-Major Wicker Surgery
All types-Chair Caning

❤︎   Cleaning
❤︎   Painting
❤︎   Natural Glazing
❤︎   Polishing Metal Leg
❤︎   Caps
❤︎   Making Curls & Pineapple Feet
❤︎   Repairing Major Structural Breaks
❤︎   Replacing Buggy & Carriage Tire Rubber
❤︎   Wicker Locating Service

Let us make your painted wicker look like natural wicker again!

We specialize in Antique Wicker Repair from Minor-Major Surgery. Painting, Cleaning, Polishing the metal caps on the end of the legs, Etc. Some of them are brass and look very nice polished. We have restored A LOT of Antique family pieces over the years. We each have our specialties. I re-do pineapple feet, give estimates and love meeting everyone or doing shows. Mike’s favorite is re-doing curls, fixing major structural damage/breaks, painting and doing a natural glaze finish to your wicker. Mike also replaces the rubber on buggy & carriage tires/wheels. We do all types of chair re-caning, hole caning, blind hole, pressed cane, splint, rush, herringbone, Danish, Etc.

When we say we do major surgery, we really mean MAJOR! You would not believe some of the torn up pieces we’ve restored. We have pictures on our before-and-after pages of restoration jobs for you to see. Customers ship wicker to us from all over the United States. We custom design and make items to go with what you already have, such as a lamp shade to match your lamp base, etc. We’ll help you locate that wicker piece you have been looking for. If you don’t like painted wicker we will make it look natural again with our glazing process. When we are finished it will look as close to its original natural finish as possible. Our favorite pieces to repair are family heirlooms!! It is such a wonderful feeling to give someone a piece of their cherished family heirloom back to them in its close to original condition just like they remembered it being when they were a child. I love to see those happy faces, or hear the joy in their voices!

Care/Tip Sheets for your Natural Wicker Furn/Seats/Baskets

We have tip/care sheets for $5.00, plus a long, self-addressed stamped envelope (LSASE).  The tip sheet will give you a lot of helpful information. After you have purchased a tip sheet, if you still have questions, I will be more than glad to answer them. Just e-mail or write me.

Pickup and Delivery is Available in the Kansas City, Kansas area or the Kansas City, Missouri Areas also well as Joplin, St. Louis and Columbia for a FEE. For other areas, PLEASE ask for details! Shipping is also available anywhere in the United States.